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Fabric Protection
Fabric Protection
Have you ever owned a car and spilled milk in it? If you have you will know that you never get rid of the smell. What about kids dropping their drinks and food on your seats and carpets. Or something in your shopping spilt. There are hundreds of ways it can happen, stains on your seats and carpeted areas, now you can protect against all of these things with AVS Fabric Protection.

AVS Fabric Protection penetrates and protects individual fibres permanently against staining. Guaranteed!

This Teflon based treatment fuses with fabrics and carpets to creat a shield, which is resistant to stains, soiling and wear. Colourless, odourless, non-flammable, non-toxic and allergy free.

Maintains that "new car" look ensuring you increase resale value.

Ring 1300 132 893 and ask about our package sale price or click here for more information.

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