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Reversing Sensor

reversing sensor Reversing sensors
Reversing Sensors are fantastic, the majority of accidents occur whilst reversing, so to save money in expensive repairs or insurance excesses not to mention saving a lives!!! (Your pets, children or pedestrians) invest in a reversing sensor. Once you’ve had one you will never be without it.

Flush mounted colour coded reversing sensor kit includes 4 ultrasonic detector heads and piezzo buzzer. The buzzer emits beeps as the vehicle approaches obstacle.  The beeps become more frantic as the distance to the obstacle gets smaller. The sensors are designed to provide an aid to reverse parking.  The driver is made aware of any obstacles behind the vehicle which may not be visible.  This will help to ensure your safety when reversing. Whether parallel parking, maneuver in tight areas, or just simply backing out of the driveway, with the AVS Reverse Sensing System installed you can reverse with confidence. 

Optional extra display is available upon request.  Digital display shows distance to obstacle and obstacle location.  Can be mounted at front of vehicle on dashbard or rear of vehicle on parcel shelf.

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Protect your family with a reversing sensor


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